How I Do It: Methods of Work

My methods meet or exceed all HABS/HAER/HALS Guidelines.

Field work is scheduled at a mutually convenient time with the Project Manager, and, if desired, other professionals involved in the Heritage Documentation project. While not essential, I welcome the input of all these individuals, and my calendar is usually flexible enough to work around other people's schedules. Weather can be unpredictable, but I also try to pick a day when lighting conditions will be best for the project at hand.

Film is typically Kodak TMAX-100 sheet film, or occasionally (for interior work) TMAX-400. These are fine-grain black & white sheet films on a polyester base, as required by the HABS/HAER/HALS Guidelines. I typically use fiber-based silver gelatin paper for the contact prints, which is also acceptable under the guidelines.

Negatives and contact prints are processed in-house, personally by me. Nothing is sent out to a lab. Thus I can insure the archival permanence of my work. Also, since darkroom-based large format photography is my only business, I always have fresh film and chemistry in stock.

To see a slideshow of my equipment and methods, please click: Jaffrey Meetinghouse Heritage Documentation Project.

To see an example of using GPS coordinates to prepare the Photo Key Sketch Map, please click: Jaffrey Meetinghouse Camera Locations.

A more complete description of my methods and work products may be obtained by contacting me: Contact.