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Door, Danville Meetinghouse, Danville, NH
109G: View from the Pulpit, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH

Colonial Meetinghouses
of New England

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In colonial New England, the Meetinghouse was the center of both civic and religious life. These structures were (usually) built with tax money, and they are a fascinating glimpse into our nation's history.

Only a few of these structures remain as they were. This project explores them, not just to document what they look like, but also to reveal the sense of mystery and wonder that I feel when I am in or around them.

A publication and traveling exhibition are being planned. To learn more about this project, click here .

108F: Brooklyn Meetinghouse, at Sunrise
Box Pews (Looking Down), Rocky Hill Meetinghouse
118T: Beams, Old Ship Church, Hingham 118N: Interior, Old South Meetinghouse, Boston 118W: Door, Langdon Meetinghouse 118G: Steeple, Old South Meetinghouse, Boston 119A: Corner View, Rockingham Meetinghouse
112A: Window, Pew, and Kneelers, Trinity Church, Borrklyn 114A': Sunlight on Box Pews, Waldoboro Meetinghouse 114W: Pulpit and Sounding Board, Danville Meetinghouse 116F: Key, Danville Meetinghouse 109O: Hour Glass, Sandown Meetinghouse
108M: Key Hole, Foster Meetinghouse 113R: Sun on Window Sill, Walpole Meetinghouse 114M: Window, Beams, and Graveyard, Danville Meetinghouse 109M: View Through Old Glass, Sandown Meetinghouse 114R: Stairs, Danville Meetinghouse
111N: Windows and Ceiling, Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse 116T: Attic, Fremont Meetinghouse 112D: Window and Stairs, Trinity Church, Brooklyn 109K: Spindles, Sandown Meetinghouse 111G: View Through Old Glass, Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse
114I: Windows and Box Pews, Danville Meetinghouse 111P: Key, Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse 107S: Door Handle, Rockingham Meetinghouse 113Y: Key, Waldoboro Meetinghouse 108W: Door and Windows, St. Paul's, Wickford
107Q: Door and Windows, Rockingham Meetinghouse 113L: Key, Harrington Meetinghouse 107E: Hook and Door, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse 109I: Key, Sandown Meetinghouse 114F: Box Pews and Windows, Waldoboro Meetinghouse
114E: Graffiti, Waldoboro Meetinghouse 111D: Windows and Curved Ceiling, Canaan Meetinghouse 115Q: Back Wall, Walpole Meetinghouse 107C: Pew Door #50, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse 111S: Gate Detail, Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse
115J: Sounding Board, Alna Meetinghouse 113P: Window ans Shutters, Walpole Meetinghouse 115Z: Pulpit Window, Alna Meetinghouse 113X: Sounding Board, Walpole Meetinghouse 114G'': Pew Door, Waldoboro Meetinghouse
110I: Window and Box Pews, St. Paul's Wickford 107A: Pew Bench, rocky Hill Meetinghouse 108J: Exterior, Trinity Church Brooklyn 115O: View from the Graveyard, Waldoboro Meetinghouse 111A: View Through Old Glass, from Inside Canaan Meetinghouse
107H: Pew Railing and Hinge, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse 112F: Windows and Isle, Trinity Church Brooklyn 115W: Back Wall, Alna Meetinghouse 110W: Table in Sunshine, Canaan Meetinghouse 113D: View from the Graveyard, Danville Meetinghouse
113T: Box Pews, Window, and Lamp, Walpole Meetinghouse 111E: View Through Old Glass, from Outside Canaan Meetinghouse Box Pews, Trinity Church, Holderness, NH 113B: Beams, Pelham Meetinghouse 109Z: View Through Old Glass, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse
Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Curved Beam, Danville Meetinghouse, Danville, NH Interior, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Webster Meetinghouse, Webster, NH Jaffrey Meetinghouse, Jaffrey, NH
Door Handle and Shadow, Danville Meetinghouse, Danville, NH Window, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Window, Trinity Chapel, Holderness, NH Window Detail, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Door Handle and Shadow, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH
Pulpet Detail, Millville Meetinghouse, Millville, MA Meetinghouse, Cohasset MA, at Dawn Box Pews, Fremont Meetinghouse, Fremont, NH Box Pews, Millville Meetinghouse, Millville MA Grafitti, Single Mens Section, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse, Amesbury, MA
Door and Window, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Box Pews, Danville Meetinghouse, Danville, NH Stairs, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Box Pews, Sandown Meetinghouse, Sandown, NH Door, Fremont Meetinghouse, Fremont, NH
Rocky Hill Meetinghouse, Amesbury, MA Pelham Meetinghouse, Pelham, MA Door and Windows, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse, Amesbury, MA Rear, Rocky Hill Meetinghouse, Amesbury, MA