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Artist's Statement:

All of my limited edition photographic prints are museum quality, and are made from large-format 4x5 inch negatives. Each print is individually hand crafted personally by me, using only archival materials and procedures. Starting from the negative, the image is fine tuned over several darkroom sessions to bring out the expressive feeling of the final print.

I uses only fiber-based paper, which has been shown over the years to be far more stable than the more modern resin-coated paper. I selenium tone each print to provide "depth" and archival permanence. Mounting (if desired) is done using only the finest, museum-quality all-rag mat board.

If desired, I can provide unmounted prints to meet your custom specifications.

How to place an order:

  • Make note of the Reference Number(s) and size (see below) of the image(s) in which you are interested.
  • Request a Price Quotation from the artist via e-mail (all limited edition photographs are prepared to order).
  • The artist will respond via e-mail with a Quotation.
  • Print the quotation, select which image(s) you want, sign it, and US-mail it to the artist.
  • Order fulfillment usually takes 3 weeks.
  • All photographs are supplied "on approval," and are invoiced when shipped.
  • Some orders may require a deposit, as stated in the Quotation.

Limited edition pricing depends upon the edition number of the photograph, and prices increase as an edition sells.
Specific price quotations will be provided upon request.
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20x24 print (edition of 5)
Edition # Price
1 $900
2 $1100
3 $1500
4 $1800
5 $2200
16x20 print (edition of 20)
Edition # Price
1 thru 5 $650
6 thru 10 $825
11 thru 14 $1025
15, 16, 17 $1300
above 17 TBD
11x14 print (edition of 20)
Edition # Price
1 thru 5 $450
6 thru 10 $575
11 thru 14 $700
15, 16, 17 $900
above 17 TBD
  • All photographic prints are custom made to order, and include a 30-day "no questions asked" return policy.
  • Print size refers to the photographic paper size, not to the exact image area. Image sizes will be quoted upon request, and are typically 3/8 to 1/2 inch smaller than the paper size.
  • 20x24 inch prints are available unmounted only, and are signed and numbered on the back.
  • Unless otherwise requested, 11x14 and 16x20 inch prints are mounted on archival 2-ply museum board, 16x20 and 20x24 inches, respectively, and are signed and numbered on the museum board. The final size of a matted, framed photograph is independent of the size of the 2-ply mounting board.
  • Since mat and frame size and style is a matter of personal choice, the artist usually does not offer these services. The artist's suggestions for matting and framing are provided here: Suggested approach to matting and framing.

This page was last modified on: 01 Apr 2014